EASE, the Application that Eases Your Worry

Having a relative entering hospital for medical surgery, the sight of the surgical room can be quite a mental exercise in itself. Beaten by worries for hours only do no good for your own health. angel eye camera system Things will not get any better if you are the one who ends up collapsing.

Not limited to surgical room, the source of worry can be NICU, PICU, ICU, Cath Lab, Radiology, and GI Suites. Since only professionals are allowed to enter the room, it’s only professional who can inform the family and relatives regarding the patient’s condition. Often, the information gets delayed and the wait can wreck a nerve inside the patient’s relatives mind. Fortunately, together with EASE application, medical association has just come with a new solution to solve this problem and giving you an ease of mind.

EASE is built to help to improve patient-doctor communication. Using angle eye camera, EASE application allowed families/relative of the patient to feel as if in the same room at the same time with the patient in operation/surgery, NICU, PICU, ICU, Cath Lab, Radiology, and GI Suites—the off-limits places for relatives to enter.

Like Snapchat from the operating room, EASE application updates the families/relative of the patient about the situation inside operating room in a form of picture or video. EASE application also adopts NICU camera system or premature baby unit camera. The angle eye camera system used in NICU allows parents to experience as if they are interacting directly with their baby in NICU. For they can’t directly see their child, the NIC view webcam from EASE application helps them immediately notified about the baby.

In another case, relatives can live in another city or overseas—basically, relatives have no opportunity to make a visit and accompany the patient—at that time, EASE application can be really convenient. Using the system Scan and Update, just by scanning the barcode of the patient, the nurse can notify every improvement or changes in patient condition to their relatives.

The hospital camera system that EASE application use doesn’t only benefit the patient and family, but also the hospital. As hospital shows transparency, it increases the level of trust the patient has for the hospital. Moreover, EASE application doesn’t really take nurses time to inform the family. Nurses only take out their phone and scan the patient’s barcode to make sure that the family receives real-time updates. And so that it will not violate HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy and Security Rules, the message will delete itself in 60 seconds.

How to get connected with EASE application? First of all, download the application on your device. angel eye camera system Then follow three easy steps to get connected, which are:

  1. The patient should register on their device,
  2. Then clinician will scan patient’s device,
  3. And lastly, the clinician will scan patient’s medical bracelet.

After the registration is done, the patient can invite their relatives and beloved one to receive the updates from the hospital. Nothing complicated. Why get more trouble during sickness when all you need is a peace of mind and EASE application.

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